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    The first day of the lunar calendar in May is my birthday. Yes, my birthday is coming soon, or two hours later, but I really don��t want to have a birthday, because I always feel that time is passing too fast. I have not assured that I will grow old. Fortunately, because of the rain and wind, the town closest to our house, because of the tree fell, did not have to buy a birthday cake to remind themselves that I was nearly one year old when I was 30 years old. Sometimes I feel that the young man at this time has just passed the 20-year-old label, and he has labeled himself with the “Ben III”. When he is really five or six years old from 30, he feels that I am still 30 years old. Although nearly one year old. Rejecting yourself to grow old, not wanting to see all the good things slowly disappearing, so I said, I still don’t want to be old. There are really things that remind you all the time, and time passes quickly Cigarettes Online. For example, the daughter of the cousin��s family has already been 12 this year. I watched her grow up. For example, my sister��s children are already 5 years old. When she was born, she was still a little bit; for example, her own head appeared. White hair; or, the university is about to graduate soon. Sometimes I am thinking, let me go back ten years ago, I will let the youth re-enter the good, I will be good for the small six, but this is a luxury. I used to have great resistance to the things around me. For example, if I don��t want to go to school and don��t listen to my parents, as long as I have time, I will call my friends in groups to do things that adults can��t do. Go to the internet cafe and go to the river to catch fish. I used to fight for things that seem childish now, for example, fighting with classmates, crying for an hour or two because of some minor grievances. I once also secretly loved a boy, even for him, to marry another girl, or to refuse another boy. I once thought about leaving, disappearing without a trace, and wanting to be loved. However, knowing that I have not disappeared or loved, but I really loved it. I even stubbornly thought that my crush was great. I never wavered. It is not love, just an episode in my youth, ignorant, maybe it is the understanding of the secret love in youth. I blew too many cows when I was a child. I said that I have to be a doctor, a teacher, an official, but a child. I can’t expect myself to be interested in this, but the university’s major is civil engineering. Some students once asked me, I am a girl who studies civil engineering and what to do in the future. I thought about it and answered it very seriously: “Is your family’s chicken missing a home? I can help design a chicken ring Marlboro Red.” After that, he was despised by his classmates. Sometimes, I also asked myself what I should do after graduation. I have no way to answer this question. I even refused to answer. Now, I am in the most sensitive thing in my life. I am about to graduate. I don��t know where I am after graduation. Look at the elementary school students, some are married, some have children, and some are still working. High school students, who have not gone to school, already have their own stable jobs. And what do I have, my classmates said, I have a diploma. I’m speechless. Once a classmate smiled and teased himself: “A closed eye is my future.” I listened to this sentence in bed, closed my eyes, dark, like my future. In May, time is not old Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I still don’t worry about letting myself get old, so many things have not been done, how can I be willing to grow old? I haven’t talked about a vigorous love. I haven’t come to the trip and said that I haven’t been with my parents. I haven’t had the direction to plan my future. I haven’t had the courage to go. For the future of yourself. With so many “not yet”, how can time be willing? But suddenly, how can there be so many “not yet” at this age? No matter ancient times and modern times, there are many people who have become talented for a long time. But they have no self. They should have worked hard for an hour Parliament Cigarettes. I should be one year older than now Carton Of Cigarettes. Even if I don��t want so much, there is no ability to stop the time. run. Even if the time of prayer is not old, it is still moving forward as always, but I still bless myself. Bless yourself and everything will be fine.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Cigarettes Online
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