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    The rain is finally over Online Cigarettes, the outside is much cleaner than the office, nothing is no longer dry. However, when the wind came, it took away the rainy clouds. When I was young, I liked the rain. I didn��t want to work. The light rain didn��t work. If I wanted to escape from the farm work, I could only pray for the rain. The family is not afraid of the rain, follow the parents in the field, keep watching the sky, suddenly a drop of rain falls on the face, immediately shouted at the parents, it rains, it rains, my parents are not jealous, they I can only look at the sky Marlboro Gold, and my heart keeps saying: Let��s go down, let us get wet. The rain is really big. We drenched all the way Newport Cigarettes, and we didn’t go slow to go home. When we met acquaintances on the road, we could only see each other greeted by the mouth shape Cheap Cigarettes, and the sound of the rain had drowned out the voice of speech. When I got home, I took a small stool and sat at the door to watch the rain in the small courtyard Cigarettes For Sale. After the joy, I went to the street with the debris in the courtyard. It was the paradise. The color of the water flowing from each family is different. It is khaki, gray, orange, and the things that come with the water are different. There are firewood, leaves that were there last year, and household garbage. All these sinks. After the streets were intertwined, they began to drift. Follow the debris in my small courtyard and walk to the street. The rain on the street seems to be bigger than my family. The ducks are playing in the street, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, they have to find a place to shelter from the rain. Seeing that the water kept passing under the feet, they could only flap their wings. When I was young, I didn’t know that the air after the rain was so fresh, the smell of the soil was always so sweet. Now, in retrospect, there is a lot of mud and musk. When I arrived at the university, I liked the rain. It was a kind of leisure time. There is plenty of time, and with the rain, there is a reason to spend time in the rain. It seems that such a time, no matter how it is, is not a waste of time. I like rain now, and I have to be realistic. I don’t want to wear a mask when I go out, and I have a sun umbrella. There is always sweat that I can’t eliminate. Now the rain here is more subtle than the human beings. If you don��t pay attention, you will follow the wind, and then you will not know when. It��s no better to send Yan Cong in the rain. Parting is like first sight, no sadness and excitement, plain chat, and aimlessly pulling, but when her back disappears, there is a hint of despair in her heart, and quickly turn around, leave, and walk back to their respective cities. Hurrying to leave, the hometown is hometown, numb, and the feeling is also weak. I only know the noise of the city, but I forgot that the good days in my hometown are still cloudy, and the fog is far away.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Online Cigarettes
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